The Oral Surgery Team

Dr. Sock, Dr. Daly, Dr. Dachowski and Dr. Holewa, through their professional affiliations, are associated with a team of high level dental, medical, and technical specialists who share a common philosophy toward proactive healthcare.

The Team

Today it is practically impossible for a single provider to perform all of the related dental and medical services a patient might require, at the highest standard. This has been understood as specialized dentistry and medicine. We maintain that surgery is best provided by educated and credentialed surgeons.

Today’s health problems are managed with more scrutiny, from every aspect. And there has to be value. Many times, collaboration is required to safely produce the desired outcome.

A patient who has a history of uncontrolled diabetes or hypertension will require medical management of these issues before undertaking surgery.

The patient who has had a history of a heart attack and/or stroke, requiring “blood thinning” medications such as coumadin or aspirin will require careful management input from their physician as surgical decisions are made.

The patient desiring immediate extractions and implants will require communication and planning among the surgeon, Drs. Sock, Daly, Dachowski or Holewa, the restorative dentist, and the dental lab that fabricates the prostheses.

Our team of dentists, physicians, and lab technicians are aligned to provide that level of care our patients expect. Drs. Sock, Daly, Dachowski and Holewa possess the experience to provide the necessary surgery. We consult our professional colleagues as necessary to provide a complete team approach, providing safe, predictable results.

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