Dental CT
(CAT) Scan

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Safe, Innovative Imaging for
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Chances are, you may have already had or are scheduled for a series of dental x-rays. Your oral surgeon utilizes these images to ensure precision accuracy when planning and performing your procedure. One type of x-ray that might be necessary is known as a dental CT (CAT) scan. In all four of our offices including, NE Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs, we offer this technology.

CT Scans are Highly Important and Reliable

Our CT machine is a non-invasive piece of advanced imaging technology known as a computer tomography scan. It gives your Philadelphia region oral surgeon the ability to view multiple enhanced images of the insides of your mouth from the root to the tooth to create a more detailed, accurate determination of your dental issues and needs.

Before CT scans were available and used in oral surgery and dentistry, there were only the traditional and digital x-rays or even more state-of-the-art panoramic imaging. Still, they only provide results in a two-dimensional form. Think about the difference between watching a 2-D movie compared to the 3-D version. It helps to understand why your Philadelphia region oral surgeon relies on radiology for a more personalized, customized treatment experience.

Low Risks, Big Benefits and What it Means for You

Like traditional x-rays, CT scans also use electromagnetic radiation to accurately create the images we need of your mouth and teeth. Our bodies are subject to harm when exposed to high radiation levels; thankfully, with CT scans, there’s a greatly reduced amount. The Mayo Clinic says that this high-tech type of imaging exposes patients to such a low dose of radiation that the risk of someone developing cancer, as a result, is so small that it’s immeasurable.

How Does

It Work

Dental CT scans provide extremely valuable information to everyone on The Oral Surgery Group team who wants to help improve the quality of your oral health. If you have any questions about this radiology method and how it relates to your individual dental needs and goals, please schedule an appointment at the most convenient location for you. We have offices in NE Philadelphia, Langhorne, Meadowbrook and Doylestown. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to achieve the optimal smile you deserve.

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