Cheek Enhancement

The Oral Surgery Group: Our doctors have extensive experience with cosmetic and corrective facial surgery.

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Cheek Enhancement (Malar Augmentation) Our doctors perform malar augmentation in order to reshape the cheek area. Appearance can be improved for those people who are dissatisfied with the shape and size of their midface. Malar augmentation can give added height or fullness to the cheeks. Strong cheekbones provide a healthy and young look.

Reasons for Surgery Reasons include changing the size and shape of the cheeks. Conditions may be natural or due to external trauma to the face. The operation can be performed on all age groups, including teens and the elderly.

Before Surgery A medical history along with a careful examination is conducted in order to evaluate your general health. Our doctors will discuss with you the way your cheeks can look in relation to your other facial features. Digital photographs and computer imaging allow our doctors to evaluate the appropriate procedure to achieve the desired results.

Method of Surgery is usually performed under IV Sedation or general anesthesia. The surgery is done through the mouth to avoid any noticeable scars. As maxillofacial surgeons our doctors can reshape your cheekbones by a number of methods. Prosthetic implants are commonly used, but in select cases, it may be best to reposition the whole midface or just the cheekbones. It is not unusual to combine malar augmentation with rhinoplasty or orthognathic surgery to improve the overall facial appearance.

Post-Operative Information The recovery takes one to two weeks. Most people resume their normal activities within a week. Pain is minimal and is controlled with medications. Bruising occurs around the eyes, but begins to fade within a few days. Discoloration usually disappears in two weeks.

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