Zygomatic Implant Treatment

Our doctors are pleased to offer Zygomatic Implant Treatment in Doylestown, Meadowbrook, Langhorne, and NE Philadelphia. One of the recent innovations in implant dentistry for patients with bone loss.

What are zygomatic implants?

Zygomatic implants are placed in the upper jaw and are like cheekbone implants. They’re an option reserved for patients with a severely sunken jaw that can no longer accommodate a denture.


Who is a Candidate for zygomatic implants?

The best candidates for zygomatic implants are patients who have difficulty keeping their dentures in, eating, or chewing because there is no bone left in the jaw. We offer Zygomatic Implant Treatment as an option for extreme cases of upper jaw-bone loss. It is typically from a doctor referral after multiple failed attempts at other practices and other options have been exhausted.

Patients must meet specific guidelines to qualify for zygomatic implants. The Oral Surgery Group fully evaluates each patient’s sinus during consultation to reduce the risk of sinusitis. Before the procedure, we will take X-Rays and CT scans, and we will make implant impressions. We are very thorough to ensure each patient’s health and success rate for the implant.

Meet Our Experts

Our doctors will evaluate anyone with substantial bone loss. This is the first step to determine who may be a candidate for Zygomatic Implant Treatment. All doctors have extensive residency training, dual degrees, and the continued formal training that is required before placing the implant. Our doctors are national leaders in X-Nav technology, which aids in painless and precise implant placement.

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After a patient’s consultation, a personal treatment plan is made. We will make temporary teeth for the patient during implant construction. It usually takes several months for the implant to be made.

This graftless procedure is only for the upper jaw. In some cases, it provides an excellent alternative to bone grafting as well as sinus augmentation. Patients experience minimal surgical trauma and maximum oral function.

Generally, Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons perform the procedure; however, not all of them do. All of The Oral Surgery Group doctors have the additional training necessary to perform Zygomatic Implant Treatment.

We use high quality products from the leading brands (Nobel and Straumann) to produce better outcomes for a successful long-term impact.


Zygomatic Implant

Treatment FAQs

The Oral Surgery Group
Like any implant, we place them with the intent for them to last a lifetime, but issues with function and infection may affect their overall success rate.
Yes, they are typically from a doctor referral for patients who wish to avoid bone grafting and sinus lifts yet still get dental implants in just one safe, surgical procedure.
Most patients will want some form of anesthesia during the procedure and will use pain killers about a week after the implant is placed.
Our doctors can evaluate potential candidates for zygomatic implants at any of our locations throughout the Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia Region:
Doylestown Pointe Office Park (Doylestown, PA)
Holy Redeemer Medical Office Building (Meadowbrook, PA)
St Mary Medical Center Franciscan Building (Langhorne, PA)
Nazareth Hospital Medical Office Building (Philadelphia, PA)