3 Ways You Can Tell Wisdom Teeth Are Coming In

added on: May 4, 2021
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Are you a teen or young adult who’s experiencing what it’s like when your wisdom teeth finally erupt? Do you have a kid at home who’s about to go through the same thing? For many teens and adults, getting their wisdom teeth isn’t quite as much fun as it sounds. These teeth usually poke through our gums at about the ages of 17 to 21 — when you’re reaching adulthood and becoming “wiser.”

Our oral surgeons in the Bucks, Montco, or Philadelphia area are here to guide you through this process. We will meet with you first in a consultation to show and tell you how you or your kid is not alone when it comes to wisdom teeth and if and when they need to be removed. Every year, more and more patients and families are turning to The Oral Surgery Group for safe, reliable wisdom teeth extraction done by our team of medical and dental experts. The procedure often is done in the office in under an hour.

3 Things to Watch When Your Wisdom Teeth Are Due to Erupt

Did you know that research published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine shows that approximately five million Americans undergo wisdom tooth extraction each year. It’s common for this type of teeth or molars to come in incorrectly or be impacted, meaning it’s time to call us, your trusted Philadelphia oral surgeons with four offices located in Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Northeast Philadelphia. 

Here are some ways you can tell your wisdom teeth are on their way:

  1. Gum redness and irritation – Your gums above your wisdom teeth might turn red and become swollen at the area where your wisdom teeth are trying to push through.
  2. Aches and pains – Some patients tell us that they have dull, nagging pain in the back of their mouth, jaw, eyes, and ears. 
  3. White spots and specks – Along with the redness and discomfort of getting your wisdom teeth, you may  start to see the tops of them poke through. If they’re not impacted, your wisdom teeth will erupt from beneath your gum line like all other natural teeth.

We all go through this, and guess what — wisdom teeth are virtually pointless on top of being sometimes very problematic. Alan Mann, a researcher with Princeton University, says that this type of tooth is a “scar of human evolution.” Today we have softer foods and modern tools to help the ease of breaking down food. We no longer need these third molars. 

Are you interested in talking about your wisdom teeth? Contact us to arrange a consultation. We see patients every day with wisdom teeth pain and discomfort. With four offices conveniently located in Langhorne and Doylestown in Bucks County, in Meadowbrook in Montgomery County, and in the Torresdale section of NE Philadelphia, The Oral Surgery Group is THE area’s first choice for reliable, highly-skilled wisdom teeth extractions in Philadelphia.

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