What Are Common Signs of Wisdom Teeth Growing In?

added on: October 11, 2021
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Just like your regular teeth, wisdom teeth are unique to every individual. It’s important that you see your general dentist regularly so that they can monitor signs that wisdom teeth are beginning to erupt through the gum line. Don’t delay in taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Dental needs, like wisdom teeth extraction, are essential to your overall health. The surgeons at The Oral Surgery Group recommend they be consulted when your child is in their late teens. This is when wisdom teeth generally start to erupt and can be problematic for some individuals.

Whatever your needs may be, know that we are hospital-centric oral surgeons with medical and dental degrees. The Oral Surgery Group is the easiest, best, most accessible way to help with your most complex wisdom teeth needs. 

Common Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth Eruption

Your dentist or oral surgeon will be able to tell if your wisdom teeth are emerging with a complete oral examination. Sometimes, before a wisdom tooth emerges, you may feel pain or tenderness in your gums where the wisdom teeth should be. 

Sometimes pain and tenderness may mean there is a problem. These problems could include:

  • Redness in your gums
  • Swelling or bleeding in your gums
  • Jaw pain and discomfort
  • Bad breath
  • Unpleasant taste in your mouth
  • Trouble opening your mouth

It is important to see the surgeons at The Oral Surgery Group so we can properly diagnose your symptoms and be sure you do not have an infection or an impaction.

When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

The earlier you have your wisdom teeth removed by The Oral Surgery Group, the better. Why? Because as you or your child grows older, it is not uncommon for your wisdom tooth roots to lengthen and become entangled with your nerves located in your jaw. This can make it more difficult to extract impacted wisdom teeth. Whatever your needs may be, know that The Oral Surgery Group always aims to enhance your oral surgery experience. Our mission is excellence in treatment with trusting, compassionate care. Rest assured, we work together with you to achieve oral health and normal functionality. 

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