Leveraging Dental Technology to Enhance the Patient Experience

added on: May 26, 2015

Advances in dental care technology can enhance your experience by providing comfort and safety, a clearer view of what your provider is treating and convenient care that is less invasive, less painful and heals faster. With advanced digital radiography tools, your dentition can be imaged safely and comfortably. Other advanced technologies such as those for long-lasting implants offer convenience and a natural looking, healthy smile.

These technologies also give dental providers the ability to perform procedures in a safer and more efficient manner by supporting minimally invasive care, expedient healing and a pleasing final result. Knowing that your dental provider uses advanced technologies can help you create the dental experience you desire.

Advanced Imaging

Itero Intramural Scanner

Understanding and clearly diagnosing dental problems is key to efficient and successful treatment – not only to help your provider determine the best course of action for dental care, but to help you see for yourself what your dental provider is seeing and treating. That’s why the iTero Element Intraoral Scanner is such a valuable tool for providers and patients.

This portable tool delivers precision scanning power with 3D high impact visualization and an easy to read screen so you and your provider can easily review your scans together. The advanced scanning wand also features integrated gyro technology that allows your provider to rotate an image on screen as you discuss your dental, orthodontic, or oral surgery needs.

Gendex CB700 CT Scanner

Another leading edge imaging technology used by top dental providers today is the Gendex CB700 CT Scanner. This scanner allows your provider to collect a variety of images – including panoramic images that assess a 360° view of your dental structure, cephalometric views to measure spatial relationships of your teeth, jaws and cranium, and 3D images that provide a more in-depth view of your roots, bones, nerves, and other anatomical structures that are important to visualize for implants and other surgical procedures.

Using a 3-dimensional, anatomically exact scan also gives your provider the visualization needed to target your dental problems with greater accuracy. This can minimize the need for exploratory surgery, and often results in less pain and better healing. The Gendex CB700 CT Scanner sets the gold standard for reliability in the industry.

In addition to creating a sound product, Gendex is also dedicated to user support to ensure a comfortable patient experience that also provide a safe level of radiation as defined by regulatory and safety organization standards.

With these advanced imaging tools, you can view high quality, detailed scans with your provider to truly understand your dental, orthodontic, or surgical plan, to enhance your overall outcome.

Implant Creation at Your Surgeon’s Fingertips

Straumann Dental Tapered Implant System

Once a dental problem that will require an implant is identified, an expedient and perfectly fitting implant is a must for the patient. A dental implant replaces your missing tooth’s root and also supports the implant crown to ensure a beautiful smile that fits in naturally with neighboring teeth.

With the Straumann Dental Tapered Implant System you can undergo just one surgery where your surgeon both prepares the implant site and places your implant – even if the anatomy of your jaw and gums is not in an optimal state.

The Straumann Bone Level Tapered Implant is created for immediate placement and loading with its tapered shape and surface and material combination that are designed to deliver primary stability to all classes of bone.

This bone level tapered implant is constructed using specifically designed materials and shaping, including:

Roxolid material – allows your surgeon to use smaller-diameter implants with the same outcome as regular-diameter titanium implants.

SLActive surface – designed to ensure stability, even for complex treatment and repairs.

Apical tapering – to correct for anatomical restrictions and allow for placement in a less-than optimal site for your tooth replacement.

Crossfit Connection – supports superior handling and allows for proper abutment and seating of your tooth replacement to blend naturally with existing teeth.

The Straumann Company is a worldwide leader in dental implant technology and product testing. Recent data indicates that Straumann dental implants have a 98.8% long-term survival rate for remaining secure in a patient’s mouth – 10 years after placement. This is one of the highest observed survival rates to date for dental implants.

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Choosing Your Best Dental Experience

Whether you seek dental treatment by choice or because of an immediate need, choosing the dentist, orthodontist, or oral surgeon who can provide the best possible outcome is a crucial decision.

The recipe for an optimal outcome must include (1) a provider with skills and expertise second to none, (2) cutting-edge technology to ensure premium visualization and construction treatment of your dental need and (3) a comfortable and educational experience for every patient. When you can clearly see and understand the problems your dental provider will repair, you may be able to alleviate your fear of the unknown and understand clearly the landscape of your treatment site. This can help you to do your part in post-treatment care.

By choosing to use these latest dental technologies, a forward-thinking dental provider demonstrates their dedication to ensuring optimal care for every patient. As you look for the right provider for you or your family, ask about the technologies they use – including technologies for imaging and implants.

Superior oral surgeons use superior technologies, not only to ensure the best tools to provide care, but also to provide the best experience for their patients.

Our doctors use the latest dental technologies to ensure their patients receive the best experience and care possible.


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