Pennsylvania Dentistry: What’s In Your Toothpaste?

added on: August 15, 2013

In 2007, toxic toothpaste was reportedly made in China and officials were even surprised to find out that several shops in Puerto Rico, Port of Los Angeles, and Miami were housing the deadly toothpaste. While these products are already banned and closely monitored by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it still pays to be more vigilant when it comes to knowing what exactly is in your toothpaste. Here at our Pennsylvania dental practice, we believe that client education is a major factor towards excellent oral health.

If you’re curious as to what exactly is in your toothpaste, read on below!

1. Fluoride – As the only active ingredient in toothpaste, fluoride makes up at least 0.15 percent of most toothpastes in the market today. On the other hand, prescription-based toothpastes contain at least 1 percent of fluoride. Fluoride is a vital component in preventing tooth decay as it binds with calcium and phosphate particles in your saliva. Sodium fluoride is the most common source of fluoride in toothpastes.

2. Detergents- Detergents are responsible for the “foamy” effect. Sodium lauryl sulfate is often the type of detergent used in toothpaste products.

3. Abrasives – These substances fight plaque by scraping them off from your teeth. Some toothpastes have too much abrasives that they tend to wear off the enamel.

4. Sweeteners and flavorings – Toothpastes used to have sugar as flavoring. It was later replaced with non-sugar alternatives such as sorbitol when scientists discovered that sugar could cause tooth decay. Common flavorings include fruit, mint, cinnamon, and bubblegum.

5. Moisturizers and humectants – They are responsible for keeping your toothpaste soft and keeps them from drying up. Water, sorbitol, and glycerin are the most common humectants used in toothpaste production.

6. Antibacterial Substances -Recent advancements in toothpaste production has included antibacterial agents in the product.

Other Ingredients

Other ingredients in toothpastes include preservatives, colors, thickeners, peroxide, anti-tartar, and anti-sensitivity compounds.

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